The Japanese Prime Minister's Motorcade Merges Into Traffic In Kind Of An Insane Way

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe already gets to roll around in a sweet, possibly V12 Toyota Century, but what makes it even better is this maximum-baller way he merges into traffic. It involves at least three white-gloved guys riding halfway out of a car like a dogs on their way to the park.

Here, just watch:

You can watch the full thing on YouTube here, but they won’t let us embed it.

Those guys are leaning out of those cars at the waist; they’re full half outside of the cars, and the half that’s outside is the half you really don’t want hit by a passing car or an unseen lamppost.


This is like the ultimate form of turn indication; where a simple blinky amber light works for most of us plebs, the Prime Minister of Japan has actual humans doing that job, and they’re wearing suits and white gloves.

I was about to suggest that with the right set of cars and appropriate wardrobe, you could try this for yourself, and see how it feels to be the PM of Japan! Then I realized that would involve people hanging halfway out of moving cars, so, um, don’t, as in do not, attempt to replicate this level of merging badassery.

You could get hurt. These guys probably train years for this and have some canine DNA spliced in so they actually like riding in a car like that.

(thanks again, Paulo!)

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