The first Asahi-built battery tanker will be used in Tokyo Bay as a marine fuel supply vessel, bringing heavy fuel oil out to larger ships anchored in port. In addition to lowering emissions in-port, the EV ship will also reduce noise and vibration in Tokyo Bay, presumably making the shipping industry less of a nuisance to the people who reside there.


The e5 ship will charge up while it is in port, using wind and solar generated electricity, meaning its operation will be truly emissions free. The irony is not lost on me, however, that this electric ship will be carrying loads of fuel to large industrial and cruise ships for them to go back out to sea and make more emissions. At this point I’ll take whatever wins I can get, however. It’s a move in the right direction.

Industrial shipping is responsible for more than 18 percent of certain air pollutants, around four percent of all climate change emissions, including around three percent of carbon dioxide emissions globally. There are over 100,000 transport ships at sea, the majority being medium-sized regional transporters. If this project proves viable, I’d imagine Japan will be pushing for mass adoption in short order.