The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Delphi's taking cruisin' to a whole new level. [Freep]
• You know, we're totally disappointed. GM was offering pay for play to journos, and we weren't offered shit. And here we thought our brother/sister flagship of Gawker was the only one uncoverin' these type of scandals. We just need a catchy name...maybe "Payola For PR?" [The Truth About Cars]
• You better get these Michigan kids eating Chinese. Everyone knows China is the new Japan. [Freep]
• See, we totally thought we had to go yellow to go green. Does this mean all those ads we've been watching are wrong? [iafrica]
• George Michael laughs at you, "parking incident." [BBC]
• Oops, we guess we shouldn't have made that China joke earlier, thanks for the catch Danny! [Freep]
• Crude oil prices are hoovering around $73 a barrel? Oh, hovering. Cause it totally feels like we're giving the Oil Co.'s a blowjob, so we thought that headline made sense. [AP]

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