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• Survey finds 82% of infant car seats in Ireland aren't being installed properly. Reason to believe it's more statistical error than fact: The survey was taken on St. Patricks' Day. [Ireland Online]
• So let me get this's ok for China to tax our cars by 20% but the Administration won't do the same to their cars. Tell me again how this is "free" or "fair" trade? But seriously, they're also taxing chop sticks. Those commie bastards... []
• AAA announces its top car picks for 2006. Millions have waited in anticipation...or is it constipation? [AAA]
• GM looks to offer blue collar workers $100,000 in buyout offers; it's still cheaper than paying them not to work. [Freep]
• Not only can the Caliber allow Dodge to become a global brand, LaSorda also says it tastes great and will help you "lose weight, feel great!" [Detroit News]
• Ol' Busted: Kerkorian will save GM!; New Hotness: Kerkorian's man York will save GM!; New New Hotness: Kerkorian's man York will save GM and he's gonna make Rick Wagoner his bitch. [Newsweek]
• US Commerce Secretary Gutierrez comes to Detroit to let US automakers and workers know free trade will save them. Maybe not them per se, or their companies per se but someday when Chinese company General XianhouFord is building the Ford Peking in trade will have saved them. [Freep]