The Jaguar XE Will Battle The 3-Series With Aluminum And New Engines

In all of autodom, no segment is more elusive, more sought after, more coveted, more El Dorado-like than the entry-level sport sedan: the 3-Series fighter. Jaaaaaaag is next to enter the fray, and their combatant will be called the Jaguar XE. Will it be good enough to take on BMW?


Today at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar showed off the front end and revealed a few details on the mid-size sedan they're calling the XE. What makes it special? Aluminum! Lots and lots of aluminum.

The XE will be the first actual production car to use the all-aluminum architecture that debuted on the very attractive Jaguar C-X17 SUV concept from last year. With the first aluminum monocoque product in the segment, Jag promises a car with a chassis that is light and stiff for sharp handling, performance and efficiency.


Jaguar also says a new family of gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines called Ingenium will debut with the XE. No exact specs on these yet, but they are said to propel the rear- or all-wheel drive XE to up to 186 mph with minimal emissions.

Here's this from ace Jaguar designer Ian Callum:

"The new Jaguar XE is every bit a modern Jaguar; more compact in size but visually striking. Customers will expect a great deal from a mid-size Jaguar - it must be practical but premium. We never forget we are designing a Jaguar and that means it must be as exciting to look at and drive as it is brilliant to run and practical to own. We believe we've done just that with the Jaguar XE."


We'll see if the XE forces the sport sedans of the world to up their game. It sounds promising so far.

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