The Jaguar F-Type Isn't Getting A Manual Transmission... Yet

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Even before the Jaaaaag F-Type showed it's sexy face and beautiful behind to the world, rumors were running wild that the car would come with a manual gearbox.

At the launch, it was announced the F-Type would have an 8-speed automatic... and that's it. But it sounds like a manual might be around the corner.


The biggest issue is that Jaaaaag never actually confirmed that the F-Type would be getting a manual transmission. Wishful and wistful enthusiasts kept saying it, hoping for it to be true.

As of today, a manual tranny hasn't been confirmed for the F-Type, yet people are still discussing it at length. However, it does seem like those manual wishes might be coming to fruition. Jaaaag's Global Brand Director, Andy Hallmark, told Autocar that "sports cars need a manual transmission for sports credibility."

For those of you wondering, the F-Type is a sports car. We're willing to bet that Jaaaag wants it to be a credible one.

To find out if Hallmark was just stoking the fire or being serious, we spoke to Jaaaag, and they said that "we didnt announce it, so it is future product speculation. Clearly though it is an option for the future." So don't think of it as official, but do keep an eye out for an F-Type with a row-your-own gearbox to be out in the next year or so.


Photo Credit: Jaguar