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The Jaguar E-Pace Compact Crossover Is Made To Make Money

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Smallish vehicles with SUV pretenses and hatchback heritage, which we know and love as “crossovers,” are printing money for automakers and Jaguar wants in. Behold the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace, which appears to be like a Porsche Macan, but British.

Jaguar credits the larger F-Pace SUV with a significant portion of its recent commercial success, and you better believe the company is hoping that the smaller, cheaper E-Pace will step up to be a volume leader once sales get underway.


The E-Pace’s lowest MSRP starts at $38,600, just a few grand shy of the most basic F-Pace variant.

The E-Pace is finished and indeed slated for production. The vehicle’s complete details will be revealed to us on July 13, around the same time the 2017 Goodwood Festival Of Speed is going down. So far Jaguar is only sharing two images of the car: this oddly red-tinted one above and a little slice of its backside.


The E-Pace is not an electric vehicle, that’s the I-Pace which Jaguar says will also be online in earnest by next year.

All E-Paces will apparently be all-wheel drive with several “Ingenium” gasoline engine options, probably be the same powerplants available in the XE sedan.