The Italian Grand Prix To Be Held At Monza Until 2024

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It’s hard to imagine Formula One without an Italian Grand Prix—it’s been on the calendar every single year since 1950. Thankfully, we won’t have to: the Autodromo di Monza will be coming back to host another five years of F1 races, with its new contract only expiring in 2024.


The news was announced on Wednesday at an event held in Milan to celebrate the simultaneous 90th anniversaries of both Ferrari and the Italian Grand Prix. What would an F1 calendar be without the home of the Tifosi?

The so-called Temple of Speed has hosted some pretty incredible races in the past. From Formula One’s press release:

The Autodromo di Monza - known also as ‘La Pista Magica’ - has hosted 68 Formula 1 World Championship races, and, on twelve occasions the Drivers’ title has been decided there. The last occasion this happened was in 1979, when Jody Scheckter secured the world championship crown.

It has also been home to a fair share of tragedies. F1 drivers Wolfgang von Trips, Jochen Rindt, and Ronnie Peterson were all killed as a result of races there. While it has become a far safer venue in recent years, the somber remembrances of drivers past have become part of the track’s appeal.

Interestingly, Monza was also announced as being the new home of DTM’s Italian round in 2020, expected to replace Misano, as per

The Grand Prix in 2020 has been confirmed as taking place on September 6.

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Why on Google Earth would they not go to Mugello, arguably the greatest GP track of all time???