The Irrepressible Allure Of The Nürburgring

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We all know the horror stories of amateur drivers crashing their cars on the Nordschleife, but, like goldfish, we forget it all in an instant. We still want to go run the ‘Ring.


We got another tale of destruction on the Green Hell today from ofsalesmen while we were ranting about douches who act like video game lap times mean anything.

This summer, my buddy and I had the pleasure of driving a few laps on the Nürburgring in a rented Renaultsport Clio Cup. During our driver's brief prior to going out, the first question the instructor asked is if we played Forza or GT5. I said yes, and that I've virtually raced on the 'Ring hundreds of times. He then goes on about how the #3 fastest driver on Forza came to the actual 'Ring for the first time and ended up in the hospital after a wreck that should have killed him. Case in point: you don't feel the physical and emotional sensations you get from actually doing the real thing. You don't feel the g's pushing you into the bolsters, the apprehension of staying on the throttle around the Karussell, the terrifying floaty feeling as you attack the Flugplatz.

Video games are meant to emulate and can never simulate. No matter how many times I played that track before in Forza, nothing prepared me for those two terrifying-yet-thrilling laps in the wet. There's no substitute for the real thing.

With that said, I freaking love hooning my 800-hp R8 V10 and four-wheel drifting my way through the Green Hell. And the invaluable "reset" button.


Truth be told, goldfish actually do have reasonable memories and can be taught very basic tricks. Does wanting to drive the Nürburgring (even in a land yacht like the Bentley above) make us dumber than goldfish?

Photo Credits: Teymur Madjderey

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Congratulations, Mr. ofsalesmen, on today's COTD! My award for you is an Audi TT, as everyone likes a TT. This lovely lady will bring it to you as soon as she's through crawling on the floor.