The Internet Is Freaking Out About Alonso Dropping McLaren Off His Twitter Page

Screencap via alo_oficial
Screencap via alo_oficial

McLaren Formula One sad boy Fernando Alonso made a minor tweak to his Twitter profile today that caught the eye of everyone hoping he’ll switch teams and have a more reliable car for 2018. He swapped the top photo from a shot of historic McLarens to a shot of his own karting facility. What does it MEAN?

Grand Prix Diary’s Twitter account pointed the newfound lack of McLarens out this morning. Could he have entered generic F1 driver mode on Twitter ahead of an announcement to move to Williams or Renault? Here’s how it looked yesterday, courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

Screencap via Wayback Machine
Screencap via Wayback Machine

Alonso’s description hasn’t mentioned the McLaren team in a while, so this sort of looks like a normal, non-suspect switcheroo to me. It could just be time for Alonso to promote his own karting school, and the Internet is overreacting as a result.

This is how paranoid you’re making us all, Alonso. This! I’m starting to talk to inanimate objects to ask “where will Alonso go, coffee table?” I keep looking out the window for the Alonso Truck to just roll on by in Williams colors. Constantly. Always have to look every two seconds for the Alonso Truck. You mean that isn’t what that van is outside? Hmm. I consulted the one true and correct oracle in my toilet this morning, and the direction the water swirled down the drain seemed to suggest that Alonso was headed to Mercedes somehow. Mighty Oracle of the Porcelain Seas, I am starting to doubt your flowing powers!

Just spare us this misery and let us know where on earth you’ll be racing next year, for Pete’s sake.

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Pretty simple tbh:

He posted the change on the 8th day of the 9th month. 8-9. Who won the F1 championship in 89? McLaren Honda.

Add up 8 + 9 + 17, the entire dates, and you get 34. The Third letter of the alphabet is C, the 4th is D. So c-d, or car-driver. This confirms the sneaking suspicion that he is actually a race car driver.

Add up McLaren Honda + car driver and the answer is pretty clear: 

Alonso is the new Subaru driver for Isle of Man TT.