The Insanely Low Cost World Of Ebisu, Japan's Dream Park For Cars

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Whatever problems Americans think young people have here with getting into cars, Japan has it worse. And yet they still have room for a budding grassroots scene, thanks to insanely low costs.

This new short film Back 2 Basics takes a little documentarian look at the low, low budget side of drifting in Japan, which is usually represented by some of the most high-cost builds on the planet. A particular Lamborghini drift car comes to mind.

Back 2 Basics shows the legendary Ebisu circuit and what it does to get people out on track, enjoying cars, and learning driving technique for almost unbelievably little money. The tradeoff is there is absolutely no sympathy for cars’ body parts, and you end up with super awesome mad max lookalike drift missile cars.

Ebisu has seven or eight different circuits, from ones that are set up like the ones you see pros using, to simulated narrow mountain roads.


What is absolutely incredible is that it can cost as little as about $80 for a driver to use it all. And that’s not $80 for a few runs, or $80 for a few hours. That $80 gets you a full day at Ebisu. The effect this has on car culture is clear.

I don’t think there’s a single place in America that offers this much access for this little money. If only we did.