Cars And Characters At This Apocalyptic Hellscape Party Are Terrifying

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

I'd describe "Wasteland Weekend" as "Burning Man" with a post-apocalyptic anarchy theme, but I think that might be redundant. It does take the Mad Max thing to a whole 'nother level though; with a fleet of horrifying cars and weapon-clad characters that just looks like... a lot of fun.

Basically, it's a music festival where people dress up like savage murderers a la Mad Max, Book Of Eli, The Road, and so fourth, drive around making dust, pretending to be violent, and generally live out their Fallout 3 fantasies. Wow, would you believe all those references came to me as I was writing that sentence?


Here's a highlight reel from last year's event, which is a little more comprehensive of all their happenings:

Wait, wait, watch one more! Check out this deep dive of one Wastelander's ride, the "Monstr Carlo" (get it?) Dude's enthusiasm is infectious as the tetanus that his vehicle is undoubtedly teeming with.

That said, this event looks like an absolute riot and my '64 Scout would fit right in with this cockamamie flotilla. Couple spikes through these sweatpants I've been wearing since Monday, and I reckon we'd be ready to wreak (pretend) vigilante desert justice and head-bang with the rest of this crowd!


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1. Please, for the love of God, stop comparing it to Burning Man. To be fair, when it first started, it was billed as "Burning Man without the hippies," but it's way past that now. I could live with "Post-apocalyptic ren faire." Maybe.*

2. It's not a "music festival." Music is a very small part of the whole thing. Mostly it's about dressing up (down), hanging out with friends, and partying.

3. Sweatpants will get you a trip to the Body Shop for some new duds, and maybe a new haircut. Whether you want it or not.

*The original event was called "The Road Warrior Weekend Event 2009" and it was all about the Mad Max movies. Now it's expanded to encompass other movies and even video games. But no cyborgs or zombies.