The Infiniti Q50's Steer-By-Wire Could Fail When It Gets Cold

When I drove the Infiniti Q50 earlier this year, the question on the minds of journalists and Jalopnik readers alike was "What happens if its electric drive-by-wire steering fails?" Infiniti assured us it's all good, but now a small number of Q50s face a recall for that reason.


Autoblog reports that 23 — yes, one fewer than two dozen — Q50s are being recalled because their all-electric Direct Adaptive Steering System could fail if the temperature in the engine compartment drops below freezing.

"But P. George," you might be saying if you're an astute Infiniti follower, "That system has a mechanical backup in case something goes wrong. What about that?" Well, it turns out that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the mechanical backup system could also fail to engage in time to avoid a crash. Super! Between this and the hacking thing, the Q50's steering system is off to a swell start.

My biggest problem with the Q50's drive by wire was that it felt too much like a Gran Turismo wheel instead of a real car's steering wheel. While the system is innovative for sure, the way it feels and now this potential safety issue show it may not be quite ready for prime time just yet.


Anyway, Nissan is fixing the problem, and customers are advised not to drive their Q50s until the repair has been completed.

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