The Imperia Hybrid Attempts To Revive Forgotten Belgian Automaker

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The Imperia brand isn't the most memorable of Belgian automakers, having produced only a small number of cars before being absorbed by other companies. But that doesn't mean it can't live again as a hybrid. For only $125,000 (or $50,000 less than the Mindset E-Motion) you might be able to land one of these gasoline-electric hybrids. In addition to the unique design, which manages to blend the BMW Z3 with a 1930's Chevy Coupe, the coupe offers a 2.0L V4 engine with a small electric motor. But there's a twist.


Unlike most hybrids, which use a computer to decide whether or not to use electric, gas or dual power, the choice of power is up to the driver. According to the company, C02 levels and fuel consumption are better than both a Smart Fortwo and Porsche 911 Carrera S (depending on power type). The Imperia in hybrid mode also claims a faster than 911 trot to 62 mph of just 4.8 seconds in hybrid mode (just 7.1 seconds in electric only setup). Will you really be able to own one of the 50 cars the company plans to make each year? Maybe. Certain parts of the translated site make us nervous:

The sporty character of the Imperia GP is also conveyed through its deliberately elementary fittings.


Just like all of our grammatical errors are deliberately wrong.(Thanks to Franzouse for the tip) [Imperia Auto]

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