The Hydrogen-Powered Hyundai Tucson Technically Just Set A Land Speed Record

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Technically, Hyundai did set the land speed record for the fastest production hydrogen-powered crossover, which definitely didn’t exist before this test. They even provided a little video . So just exactly how fast are we talking?

Well, watch the video first. It has a fun little gag you can probably already guess:

Get it? It’s quiet? All that build up and it just sort of Jetson’s away? It’s kind of cool, I guess.


Luckily, they kept us entertained through the anti-climax with Ride of the Valkyries and some factoids:

  • If the lake bed was 265 miles long, the Tucson fuel cell could traverse it on a single fill (so 265 miles-per-tank), and it would take less than 5 minutes to refuel
  • Hyundai set the world speed record for a production hydrogen SUV/crossover at a whopping 94.6 mph
  • Zero emissions, because it poops water
  • Tucson fuel cell has provided over 800,000 miles of emission-free driving to (around 100) owners in California - another (dorky) world’s first!

Also, Black Stig from Top Gear returned for this? Maybe? Anyone else? Did he wash up on the dry lake bed after he was thrown from that aircraft carrier?

I do find this stuff kind of cool.

You have to wonder, though, when driving a car that makes no sound, in a dry, arid, dead landscape with classical Richard Wagner playing in the ambiance, if it’s going to turn into something out of Mad Max super quick.


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The fastest hydrogen-powered crossover.. Is that like being the coolest guy at Shenanigans?