The Hurdles That Stand In The Way Of Tesla In China

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Neutral on Tesla in ChinaChina Car Times


These are the hurdles to Tesla's success in China. Interesting read.

Tesla's pricing strategy has just been announced which has seems to be overly fair for the Chinese market, putting the price on par with the USA but due to import taxes the price gets bumped a little higher than the US. But there remains several hefty road blocks in the way before Tesla can make China a major market.

The Carchive: The Geo MetroHooniverse


Just a look back at the Geo Metro, that's all.

So far I've been studiously ignoring most of the material within The Carchive that dates from anywhere post 1990, 'cos, you know, that's too new. But hang on a minute, 1990 was almost a quarter century ago. Seriously, that's ridiculous. My Father's '96 Mondeo V6, if it had survived, would be an eighteen year old car by now. OhEmGee.


Ahooga horns, mileage minders, traction bars, and more: Deep diving a 1974 Warshawsky catalogHemmings


This is just neat. I like neat things, thought you would too.

After conversation drifted toward the Warshawsky catalogs in Kurt's piece on Oscar Koveleski's AutoWorld the other day, I recalled that I had a copy of a 1974 Warshawsky catalog on my desk, waiting for just this moment to entertain with all sorts of accessories and parts. As one would expect from the same company that put out the J.C. Whitney catalog, there's plenty of gingerbread, snake oil, and other less-than-advisable products to be found here. At the same time – and as one would expect from Jim Donnelly's profile of Roy Warshawsky – there's also plenty of parts (apparently reproduction) for Model Ts and other older cars as well as engine rebuild kits, brake kits, and exhaust systems.


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