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The Horrors of Nitro: Bakersfield March Meet

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Every year since 1958 the March Meet has been the big deal in drag racing at Famoso raceway in Bakersfield. After having been to the event over the last ten years under fuel cars with a wrench and out on the starting line with a camera, we went this year to hang out on the grandstand side and take in the show. With driver Tim Gibson at the wheel of his BMW M-wagon and Cole Coonce throwing commentary post-punk Chris Economaki style, we motored up from Los Angeles to the former auxiliary airfield in record time. We were not the only ones. Perfect weather brought a packed crowd to the event, which serves up a unique combination of vintage drag racing, swap meet, car show, and wide-open pits for your greenbacks at the gate. Mark Ribilas captured this shot of Bill Dunlap showing what it takes to keep a front engine dragster on nitromethane together at 240 or so MPH after the Donovan Hemi kicks it and spews oil. For scads of trackside action shots head over to Drag Racing Online. For a few random spectator and swap meet snaps check the gallery.




March Meet Postponed! [Internal]

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Beautiful! That flathead duce roadster was worth the price!