The Honest Trailers Take On Cars Proves You're Not Alone Asking The Big Questions

They all said I was crazy to ask the real questions. When I proposed theories, they called me a madman and pelted me with rocks and garbage. When I took my questions right to the top levels, I was told to let it go, already. Now, it seems, I’m not alone at all. And I will never let go trying to get to the truth of the Cars universe.

Many, many people sent me the link to this Honest Trailers take on the whole Cars franchise:

Near the end, after all the stuff about the series’ quality and role as a vehicle for toy sales, it comes: the big questions. Where are the people? How do the cars reproduce? Why do they have door handles? Was there a car Hitler?


Of course, I’ve asked these same questions to the very people who are behind Cars, and I’m still not sure we have adequate answers.

The video even dances around my own person pet theory of the car-beings, the Homunculus Theory.


More importantly, though, this video shows I’m not alone. Many humans are concerned with the future of our species, or lack of future, that’s shown in the Cars movies.


We demand answers, and we will never rest.

I am not alone.

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