Honda’s 2007 CB1100R might be a hint at the design direction of the company’s next concept.

The 2016 Osaka Motorcycle Show kicks off this weekend, and Honda has announced it’s bringing out a very diverse fleet of concept bikes. Debuting is the Concept CB Type II, which is rumored to be a sexier version of the mildly retro upright Concept CB we saw last year.

Honda’s whole stand at the big Japanese show is going to be fun to look at, with a big emphasis on adventure. The bike maker says it’s trotting out everything from a dual-sport scooter (City Adventure) to a new microbike design, which will be the next generation Grom.

But the CB Type II is the only true unknown.

Top: Honda CB1100 bikes planned for production, Bottom: Honda Concept CB (Image: Honda)


In 2015, Honda gave us a peak at what its retro-ish upright bikes might look like in the future with the Concept CB. The current crop already bears a pretty strong resemblance to that machine, and rumor has it the Type II will be a “sportier” version, possibly with a fairing like the CB1100R concept that came out back in 2007.

Something like this CB1100R concept would be VERY welcome. Honda photo.


The “cafe racer” look, basically a stripped-down and sleeker upright, still has a lot of momentum going with enthusiasts right now and would be a logical choice for a new showcase machine.

Stay tuned for full reveals from the Osaka Motorcycle Show from March 19 to 21.


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