The Hartmann SP5: A Sprintier Mercedes Sprinter

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While it may not be as cool as the Sprinter into Studio Coppola Special, the Hartmann-tuned Sprinter van is still fairly wicked. Next to Supervan 2, the Dodge/MB Sprinter is already near the top of our list of favorite vans. Add a body kit, new exhaust, faux-carbon fiber inserts, vaguely tweaked mechanicals and 19-inch wheels and you've got the Hartmann SP5. Even better if you can get one in cargo van form with no rear windows for that elite NSA surveillance team look. Somewhat incorrectly translated press release and more pictures below the jump.


Hartmann SP5

When Hartmann tuning in Neuss-wood home near Duesseldorf get Mercedes-Benz vehicles exactly what they deserve: fine tuning, unique individualization. In one of the largest commercial vehicle workshops North Rhine-Westphalia take care of more than 50 specialists every day for the maintenance, repair and refinement of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. And it is always seeking new and creative ideas for refinement of trucks and vans with the star.

On the base, and for the current sprinter developed by the experts Thorsten Hartmann a refinement package, which the transporter much athletic appearance. Since the circuitry make road users certainly like to place and switch to the right lane highway. Because the new Sprinter SP5 offers a very dynamic, harmonious and yet elegant curved lines. Regardless of whether the sprinters SP5 of Hartmann-tuning as a shuttle for the Board which will be used as a mobile office, as a precious transporter for exclusive goods or presentation or advertising material object, the Hartmann-tuning SP5 always makes a good figure.

The Hartmann-tuning sprinter SP5 offers many new developments: The face of the van was equipped with a particularly aerodynamic spoiler equipped acting front, the front of SP5 far down moves and conclude with a lip. At the same time, he creates a skillfully sketched lines to the new grille. It is made of anodized aluminum and is available with a diamond-shaped or eliptischen disguise.

The silhouette of the sprinter underline the new side. They lead the dynamic lines of the new face of a modern, very impressive manner and guide the viewer to stern. They support a delicate-looking rear apron and a powerful exhaust system doppelflutige the harmonious and extremely successful overall impression of the Hartmann-optic tuning package. Of course, the specialists of Hartmann-tuning far ignored, in spite of the exclusive tuning a trailer hitch (not combinable with the doppelflutige exhaust system) to be able to integrate.

But what would be perfect tuning without new Radwerk? Perfectly fits the 19-inch wheel sport "Kagen" to the new Hartmann-tuning exterior package and shines in multispoke look, and with design refinements such as the narrow piers at each spoke. The rims with tires in size 255/55R19 served and are permitted for Sprinter with a maximum total weight of 3,440 kilograms.

But the compensating specialists from Neuss-wood homes have not only a sense of outer values, but also the inner belong to them for the specific about individualization. This is already at boarding sprinter in the SP5. Design entry bars "Alu Stripes" from biegesteifem aluminum with anti-slip strips in the middle eingefrästem Hartmann-tuning emblem to invite almost advocacy. The elegant surfaces shall adorn the area of the driver and passenger door and sliding of SP5. The Velourteppiche wearing dark grey with eingesticktem Hartmann-tuning logo offer the feet of occupants an optimal setting. Sporting a carbon look or elegantly in wood optics present themselves all the door handles. For the centre console, the compensating professionals something very special idea. This is in aluminium-walnut optics, aluminum Burl optics or aluminum-carbon optics selectable. The perfect conclusion finally offer side panels in aluminium design. Who might like rennsportlich, the center console and stand side completely into carbon optics for selection. Special Fortunately, however, the rider: The tax man may even have a sports steering wheel made from the finest Nappa leather in combination with wood or carbon applications look.


[Hartmann via CarScoop]

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Is it still a front-driving five-pot diesel? Yes?

Don't want none.

Actually, as an economical about-town light delivery vehicle, the Sprinter is right up there (but xB's seem to rock the floral world in DC), but as a body-kitted slinkin' machine, meh.