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The Halo 4 Warthog will debut in Forza 4, but you can't drive it

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

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One of the biggest surprises of this weekend's Halofest celebration of all things Halo here in Seattle is the news that Halo 4's Warthog will make its interactive debut this year, in a non-Halo game.


The new Warthog will appear in the interactive car-ogling garage mode of this fall's Forza 4. The series' lead creator, Dan Greenwalt showed the vehicle off during a press-preview event on Thursday night in Seattle, the evening before the Halo celebration would open to the public. Greenwalt said that this mode is designed to be used with Kinect, but he commanded it with a controller, as you can see in the video here.

gawkerGallery(5834713,3,'The Forza 4 Halo 4 Warthog'); And, no, the Halofest people stressed, you can't race the Warthog in Forza 4. It's not fast enough to compete. Access to the Warthog showroom will have to be unlocked by dedicated players. It won't be available in the game without some effort. But what that effort is is a mystery for now.


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Update: Moved official trailer to the top, put Stephen's cam-shot video below. –JJ