The Haima @3 Is My New Favorite Car Name

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Chinese car company Haima needed a name for their electric compact. What would give that current vibe? I know, an @ sign.


The @3 has been around since 2014. This is just a new version complete with a horrifyingly huge Lexus-style grille, as CarNewsChina points out.

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And if you’re wondering how some Chinese car company you’ve never heard of is making a compact electric car named ‘3' before Tesla can manage it, the Haima @3 is just an electric version of their already-around gas-powered M3 compact sedan. I guess BMW hasn’t heard of Haima yet.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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The technical details on their website:

  • Knee room: double fists
  • Headroom: fist and two fingers