A forum member at HummerXClub.com wasn't satisfied with the front independent suspension on his H3 Alpha, so he ripped it out and went solid axle, he also chopped the truck up and made it a slant back. Totally cool.

The slant back H1 was always our favorite version of the Humvee and several Hummer concepts borrowed the roof line, but there hasn't been a slant back Hummer, until now. The "H3 Recon" project is a radical re-imagination of the Hummer H3 Alpha, completely re-engineering the front and rear suspension while fabricating a slant back rear end. Up front the independent suspension was chucked out in favor of a ProRock60 solid axle hanging from a three-link suspension with a Jeep steering system. Out back is another ProRock60 axle with an EvoLever system pushing on Fox shocks.

The body was modified with a closed rear slant back leading to a modified rear hatch cut down to swing under the rear deck. The plastic pull handles were replaced with aftermarket Jeep Wrangler flush-mount handles and the whole thing was dipped in a shade of desert brown. Calling the final product bad ass is kind of an understatement and it'll be showing up in Four Wheeler Magazine in the not too distant future. We can only imagine the looks of envy this will be getting on the trails. [HummerXClub Thread via HummerGuy]