The Gulf Porsche 918 Of Your Dreams Is Finally Here

The Porsche 918 Spyder got a number of retro paint schemes (including Martini) so far, but nothing of the iconic blue and orange of Gulf. Well, until now.


Technically, this car hasn’t even been delivered yet. This Weibo post states that the car is only on its way to Atlanta, Porsche’s new American home.

We have a few pictures from user @1111111111111111Y, but no more info.


I particularly like this one with the star center.


Now Porsche, how long until we get that $wap $hop livery I’ve got my eyes on?

UPDATE: the very kind owner of this very car got in touch (this is why I put my contact info at the bottom of every article) and gave a full explanation of why he ordered the car, and why you’ll never see another one like it here in America.

It seems someone took pics that I had loaded online on and my instagram/Facebook accounts and sent them to you.

I’m happy to share more info on the car if you are interested in more details... This is 918 #740 and will be the ONLY car in USA sold by PCNA to have the original Gulf Livery like the 1970-71 Porsche 917 cars that ran and won the LeMans races. As such, this car will also have the winning car #2 on it as well.

I wanted to recreate history however introduce new elements of 918 by keeping Acid Green elements to reflect hybrid technology elements.


He continued,

I got ‘exclusive rights’ by Gulf Oil L.P to have this car made for the USA market in original colors and bearing the winning number ‘2’.

This was a ‘one time’ approval and thus cannot be re-used for any other 918 imported and sold by PCNA for this market :)

You are looking at an amazing piece of history and art...with exclusive rights.

It took a year to get this car done. I’d say it’s worth it.

Photos via @1111111111111111Y on Weibo


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