If you felt like you just read that headline, you did. The historic auto plant-buying game is proving to be difficult for developers and do-gooders alike.


Ford's former Model T plant in Highland Park is the target of a mass crowdfunding spearheaded by the Woodward Avenue Action Association, who wants to turn the birthplace of American manufacturing into a museum and attraction.

Their goal — admittedly lofty for its deadline — was to raise $125,000 by this week. When we first highlighted the crowdfund, it was around $14,000. Today, it stands around $27,000.

The Detroit News reports that the organization was given a five-day reprieve to kick in the extra $100,000. They already have $500,000 from other sources, including the state of Michigan. Maybe it's time to pass around the collection plate once again?


A spokeswoman for the organization says all they have to do is "rally the troops," so...good luck, I guess? I wish I had some troops that could get together 100 grand in less than a week.

I'm still a bit optimistic for the selfish reasons of improving Woodward Avenue, but I'm cautious. Woodward Avenue Action Association also has the tremendous task of renovation of the site, which will take additional funding.


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