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The Greatest Historic Le Mans Racers

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Though we've talked and talked about Le Mans this weekend, we have yet to reflect on the cars that made up Le Mans of years past. Some achieved greatness by sweeping their category, and some achieved greatness in the way that they didn't.


The history of Le Mans is full of great cars, like the Mazda 787B, the Porsche 911 GT1, the Bentley 4.5 Litre, that all won at least their class. It's also full of great racers like the Ferrari 250 GT Drogo (aka the "Breadvan") and the Toyota GT-One, which didn't. Winning isn't what always makes a car great, though it helps.

My favorite for the greatest of Le Mans racers is the McLaren F1 GTR. In 1995, the first time it was entered, five GTRs managed to finish the race, with one even taking the overall victory. The F1 GTR has since become legendary for its success, and also for how it looks. No matter the angle of the shot or the color scheme it's painted in, the McLaren F1 GTR always manages to look good.


Which do you think are the greatest historic Le Mans racers? Show us below in the comments!

Photo credit: Brian Snelson

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