The Greatest Chinese Car Names Of All Time

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Say what you want about how Chinese cars have questionable build quality and safety, or how they're so often knock-offs of other production cars. They have much cooler names than other cars do — by a long shot.

Recently, your intrepid Jalopnik staff stumbled onto the fact that Brilliance's Jinbei division makes a camper called the Large Sea Lion.

That's right. The Large Sea Lion. Do you know how awesome you'd be if someone asked you what car you drove, and you could tell them "I drive a Large Sea Lion?"


Fuck your Mustang. That's one of the greatest car names ever. So is Coolbear, Urban Ark and Superlong.

Here's another amazing one: an SUV called the Golden Dragon Righto V3. Names do not get better than that.

Even the imports in China get in on the action, too. Unlike in most other markets, where a Camaro is a Camaro, in China cars often get renamed to sound more Chinese, making Chevy's muscle car the Kei Me Luo. I find that trend fascinating, even if it's totally pandering.

So here's your Show Us challenge for the day — tell us about the greatest Chinese car names of all time, be they Chinese-made cars or ones that have been rebadged. I'll get you started!