The Great Car Haiku Quiz

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Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time with last week's headlight quiz, and many of you said you'd like to see more quizzes.


Well, I'm all about making you readers as happy as you can stand before you burst into a disgusting puddle of rainbows and kittens, so here's another quiz.

I tried to think: other than cars, what do car guys/girls like best? Poetry! Of course! With that in mind, I came up with this week's quiz: guess the car that inspired the haiku. Haikus, of course, are based on the traditional Japanese poetic form, and I stuck to the '5 syllable/7 syllable/5 syllable' rule for making these. I didn't make them all— fellow Jalops Raph, Ben, and Travis all got in on the act and contributed some of the ones you see here.

So, 12 haikus, for 12 cars. I'll post the answers at 9 PM EST so you can see how you did. Have at it!

They call her goddess
this Francophonic turtle
She has five ride heights

Tough little Cossack
Looks like a Golf on steroids
A Commie no more

Sideways through the trees
buzzing two stroke majesty
Finns are her best friends


The marque's no longer here
Small car named after a whim
Joe told us some lies.

Twin-turbo boosted
purple ink's last oversight
flat nose speed machine

You have only three pots
the smallest American
hypermilers' toy

Hot hatch named for a
Mediterranean wind
only has one wiper

A backbone of steel
Simplified convertible
Has added lightness

Italian body
heart and soul of a swede
your looks lie of speed

Africa's Camel
And Pierre's daily driver
A lion greets traffic

Old dudes in flowered shirts
Makes everyone think of diners
Beautiful aether

To the country club
a vision of Spanish gold
long, wide, two ways in

This is kind of soothing, isn't it?

UPDATE! The Answers!:1. Citröen DS 2. Lada Niva 3. Saab 93 (or early 96) 4. Isuzu Impulse 5. Ferrari F40 6. Geo Metro 7. Volkswagen Scirocco 8. Lotus Elan 9. Volvo P1800 (not technically Italian body, ok) 10. Peugeot 504 11. Chevy Bel Air 12. Cadillac Eldorado


Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

1. Citroen DS

2. Lada Niva

3. Saab 96

6. Geo Metro

7. VW Golf

8. Lotus Elan

9. Saab Sonnet

10. Toyota Landcruiser?

11. Chevrolet Bel-Air

12. Cadillac Eldorado