The Granddaddy Of All Porsche Support Series Is Coming To Texas

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For the first time in history, Porsche Supercup's final race of the season is in the United States. Better yet, an American team will be racing in it. If you're a fan of GT3 Cup, consider this a Cup race on steroids. It's Porsche's flagship development series for new talent, and it's here. HOLY CRAP YES.

Those of you who don't lick the mailbox waiting for the next issue of Panorama to show up may not know what Porsche Supercup is, or why it's a big deal. That's okay. It's a series that hasn't been racing in the United States at all, with a calendar that loosely follows the Formula One schedule.

Porsche runs many 911 Cup series throughout the world, such as the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge in the United States and various regional Carrera Cup. Porsche Supercup is the international flagship of their one-make championships. Since 1993, the series has run as a support race for Formula One, yet it hasn't appeared with the United States Grand Prix since the 2006 races in Indianapolis.


This not only marks the first time we get Porsche Supercup at Circuit of the Americas, but also the first time the season ends in the United States.

Why is Porsche Supercup the flagship? Part of the reason why GT3 Cup is so awesome is because it's used as a development series for drivers who want to move up into other forms of sportscar racing. The drivers aren't just out to win, but they're out there to prove themselves as well. Supercup is just that, but a higher level. Many of Porsche's junior works drivers, such as Connor de Phillippi, race in Supercup. Porsche themselves actively looks for new young talent to bring into Supercup as a stepping stone to a possible works drive.

The names you see in Supercup are bound to show up in other series later.

Talent development is nice and all, but why should we, as fans, care? The racing will be super close, and seeing 911s race door-to-door is always a blast. Everyone's in the same car, the amount of driving talent on display is amazing, and the pack stays fairly tight for the whole race.


American team Kelly-Moss was also granted two entries for their win in the regional Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. Platinum Cup (the 991 chassis class) season winner Colin Thompson will be joined by teammate David Ducote, who usually runs in Gold Cup (the 997 chassis class). Both will be racing 2014 911 GT3 Cup cars for the weekend, Thompson in his own orange car, and Ducote in teammate Dan Weyland's lime green car. (Go, Team Skittles, go!)

So, if you're in Austin for the Formula One weekend, you'll want to be around for the support races. Just sayin'.

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