The trailer for the second episode of The Grand Tour, Amazon Prime’s new show that definitely isn’t just Top Gear, is up and it looks like this is the episode with most of the explosions.


The trailer for the second episode dropping this Friday (or possibly Thursday afternoon, again) will apparently be the one where James May metamorphs into an action movie bad-ass, firing an assault rifle out of the back of an Audi piloted by Jeremy Clarkson. Meanwhile, Richard Hammond appears to be occupied in a knife fight.

The tent will be in Johannesburg this week, with another segment that appears to be James May attending a drift rally and not enjoying it very much. There’s also an Aston Martin Vulcan that hopefully stays out of the hands of that American stereotype Mike Skinner they had driving the M2 last week.

If the action movie film based in Jordan is anything like the old Top Gear’s spoof film The Interceptors, just minus the fake mustaches and with more explosions, I am way, way on board.

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