The Grand Tour Will Actually Debut A Day Early In The United States

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For months now we’ve been told that The Grand Tour was debuting on November 18. For months now no one has been told at what time on November 18 we’d be able to watch the show. But thanks to our righteous campaign for our information, we finally have the start time. And it’s actually a day early for Americans.

All of our whining and moaning apparently made it to whoever runs the Grand Tour Twitter account, who has subtweeted us thusly:


Due to the vast mysteries of the universe and gravity, the Earth is round. Which means that we have time zones. Which means that the United States (or at least the Easternmost part of the mainland) is five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Which means that The Grand Tour starts at 7:01 p.m. EST on November 17, 2016. Or 4:01 p.m., if you’re on the West Coast. Or sometime in between that if you’ve bothered to live in Chicago.

Not, in any case, on November 18th.

The Grand Tour Twitter account went on to confirm that it wasn’t just “a minute after midnight, wherever you are” but that the debut time was global:


Hope you’re not doing anything tomorrow night. We know where we’ll be.

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Holy crap, I made a Jalopnik article! My life is complete.

This will be the best immediately-after-work watching ever. 4pm PT for me!