The Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer Is Here And It Brings The Mayhem

Amazon’s inaugural outing with The Grand Tour wasn’t perfect, but I think there was one thing most gearheads could agree on: we wanted more. Thankfully the streaming TV network/drone delivery service agreed, and the show will be back in October. Here’s our first look.


You can find the short 30 second teaser clip here on Amazon, or on various YouTube copies like this one that will likely get taken down soon:

What do we see so far? A test of the Bugatti Chiron, some chaos along a river, a drive in a Lancia Rally 037, a green Jaguar XJ sedan getting sideways in the snow, and a brief glimpse of the Rimac Concept One test drive that ended with Richard Hammond in the hospital. (Don’t worry, he is not dead.)

We should be in for a fun time this fall.

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Rickster3rd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope they ironed out all of the niggling bits that failed to connect with viewers from season 1 especially the “kill the guest bit”. Once was funny but over and over it just became stupid.