Photo: The Grand Tour/Instagram

The Grand Tour—the new car show hosted by former Top Gear trio Clarkson, Hammond and May that we’re all excited to watch— has placed a bunch of crashed Toyota Priuses throughout the world to advertise the new show, which debuts on Friday. If you’re a Prius fan, and yet you somehow landed on our website (???), you may want to avert your eyes.

If you asked the hosts of The Grand Tour, especially Clarkson, what they thought of the Toyota Prius, they’d probably tell you it is the very antithesis of an enthusiast’s car, and that it’s a little bean-shaped economy car that places all of its emphasis on fuel economy, and none of its emphasis on stuff that matters, like horsepower. And also horsepower.

Plus, as Clarkson likes to point out, the thing isn’t even great for the environment, and people who think they’re saving the world by buying the little hatchback are a bunch of “morons.”

So it makes sense that The Grand Tour is placing wrecked Priuses in England, Germany and the U.S., joking on social media that these displays of Prius Carnage are the only real good uses for the pathetic car. Here’s a white Prius crashed against a pillar box in London:


This one’s buried in a walkway in Germany:

And here’s a blue Prius embedded into the Hollywood walk of fame:


It’s a great advertising strategy, though I halfway expected them to use a bunch of Reliant Robins for this task. I guess they couldn’t find any that haven’t been rolled over and scrapped.

Man I can’t wait to watch this show.