Eyesore Racing won the 24 Hours of LeMons last weekend at Phoenix and now they just won the ChumpCar World Series at the Streets of Willow Springs.

Eyesore Racing won both races handily proving they are the team to beat in a $500 car. They are also now the first team to not only win two 24 Hours of LeMons races, but they are also the first team to win in both series, ChumpCar and LeMons. Krider Racing was only able to score a second place finish in the ChumpCar Infineon event (as they strived to earn the title that Eyesore currently owns).


In second place the Punks in their Mohawk equipped first gen RX-7 pulled off a fantastic podium finish. They broke an axle with ten minutes to go and parked the car near the finish line with their fingers crossed their lead would hold on. It did.


Again with the mohawk, third place, The B-Team finished on the final podium spot in a heated battle for the postion all morning long.

The next ChumpCar event will be at Rockingham Raceway Park March 13-14, 2010.