It seems Hyundai is moving pretty fast announcing details on their upcoming Genesis luxury brand. We have a name for Genesis’ top flagship sedan, G90, and even a sketch of what it will look like—as well as what car it replaces in the Hyundai family.

In a news release, Hyundai officials said the G90—which will be called the EQ900 in Korea, for reasons that elude me—will be the “blueprint for change and innovation that will distinguish the Genesis brand.” Automotive News points out that the EQ900 goes on sale in Korea next month (!) and takes the place of the Equus, which is set to be phased out.

There will be two sedans below that, the publication reports: a G80, replacing the current Genesis sedan, a smaller G70 sedan, and some kind of SUV.

No word yet on powertrains, equipment or any other major things we’ll want to know about these cars, but we have an idea of where Hyundai’s going with their designs.


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