The Future King Of England Flies Commercial Airlines Just Like Us

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Earlier this summer, England's Prince (and future King) William made news by flying American Airlines from Memphis to Dallas — in coach! On Monday morning, he flew commercial once again, this time on U.S. Airways shuttle from NYC to Washington, DC for a meeting with President Obama.


That's right, no private jet for this guy — he flies with the commoners. He wasn't worried about being late for a meeting with Obama. He was only flying from New York LaGuardia, during the winter. What's the worst that could happen? It could be assumed that his flight was given takeoff priority, though there's no official word on that. The British royal family has flown around on British Airways jets for years, but they don't offer domestic flights within the former colonies. However, British Airways is partnered up with American and U.S. Airways within the One World Alliance, and word on the street is the Prince has a good amount of frequent flier miles banked away.

For today's trip to D.C. the Duke of Cambridge flew in First Class, which the airline prices at $600 for a same-day walkup ticket. But William had probably bought tickets in advance, due to the security preparations required, so it's likely his ticket was cheaper.

Will's fellow passenger, Sam Kim told ABC News noted that the Prince rolled up to the plane's gate in a convoy of black SUVs, and posted a couple of photos while he boarded and seemingly had to search for his seat.

Photos by Sam Kim, shared to Twitter via ABC News


Vincent Davidson

Wonder if he has to be groped by TSA jerks go through security checkpoints like the proletariat?