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The four-door Volvo 240chero was ahead of its time

Illustration for article titled The four-door Volvo 240chero was ahead of its time

Despite what the photo description says we've seen Volvo 240chero/minos before. But I'm thinking the four-door is something new. If only we'd have gotten this instead of the Subaru Baja.


Also, an update on naming. A car is a -chero if it's a Ford or Ford-related product (in honor of the Ranchero). A -page if it is Chrysler-related (in honor of the Dodge Rampage). A -mino if it is Chevy or any other non GMC product (in honor of the El Camino). Now that Volvo is no longer associated with Ford is it a Volvo 240chero? A Volvomino?

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Well Matt I have been calling them Volvominos for a long time so I think its best! I don't like the chero sound, Saabamino is good too...