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The Four-Cylinder Turbo Ford Mustang Will Reportedly Be Only For Europeans

Illustration for article titled The Four-Cylinder Turbo Ford Mustang Will Reportedly Be Only For Europeans

You know how we're always bitching and moaning about how Europe gets cooler cars than we do? If these reports are accurate, then there's one more we can add to that list: a turbocharged four-cylinder Ford Mustang with 300 horsepower.


Reports this morning have surfaced from Edmunds and Autocar that say the redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang (or 2014.5 Mustang, we're not sure yet) will get a 2.3-liter turbocharged Ecoboost engine based on the 2.0-liter motor in the Ford Focus ST. The larger displacement means a boost of about 50 horses.

The Mustang is going global with its next redesign, so it needs a more efficient engine than what it offers currently for Europe. From Edmunds:

The four-cylinder engine is not expected to be offered to Mustang buyers in the U.S. The small four-cylinder engine will be offered to European buyers as a more economical, low-emissions alternative to the V8 engine in the Mustang, which is likely to be highly taxed in Europe. European buyers who feel that a Mustang should only have a V8 engine will be offered that as well.


Astute Mustang scholars will recall that this setup sounds awfully similar to the Mustang SVO from the 1980s, which also had a 2.3-liter turbo four and has become something of a coveted classic today.

How do we feel about this, Jalops? Are we mad we won't be getting the neo-SVO, or are the V6 and V8 good enough for us Americans?

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Victorious Secret

I'd like to have the 2.3 just to replace the V6 because we all know a simple tune would result in pant wetting HP and Torque numbers.

I don't see how taking the V8 out makes it less American.

This current version of the Mustang spends its time hunting M3s on a track... I think its safe to say the only thing American about the car is perhaps the stereotypes applied to it.

What does the amount of cylinders under the hood have to do with its prestige or heritage? That is just an ass backwards way of thinking.

The 2.3 Mustang might still have the best bang for your buck in power and handling in its class, that is a bad thing? If you really want a V8 go get one but not getting the V8 suddenly doesn't make the Mustang less of a car.

Also, doesn't Europe get taxed based off engine displacement? Even the V6 is now towering at 3.7L...that's not exactly small considering what it used to be. 2.3L is far easier to take a tax hit on, especially at the prices the Mustang sells/will sell for. Its not like you're getting a lesser car by having the 2.3, is it?

Ever since the 2.0 and now 2.3 started being used in everything the writing has been on the wall for the V6s in Fords stable. They are redundantly placed between the equally powerful yet smaller engines and they aren't really comparable to the V8s. I welcome the addition of a new SVO for our market and the killing of the V6 wouldn't really concern me.

So long as the car performs better than the last version at the same/similar price points are we really going to bitch about it?

Oh wait this is the internet, no one will be happy with everything.