The Forzalopnik Roundup: Is It You?

It's been three days since we started the Jalopnik Forza Motorsport 3 Downloadable Car Pack vote. The last vote begins tomorrow at noon. Here's the latest update. Rally the troops!


The Basics: Microsoft, Turn 10 Studios, and Jalopnik have teamed up to bring you a downloadable car pack for the Xbox 360 game Forza Motorsport 3. The best part? You get to choose the cars! Full details, including how the voting process works, can be found here.

The Update: We conducted three polls yesterday and Monday, all of which closed at midnight on their respective start dates. (The results are here and here.) Three more polls were opened today (here, here, and here), and they close at midnight. Tomorrow, today's winners will enter one last poll, a knock-down, drag-out fight to the death. Fifteen cars will come out the other side, and that will be that. LET'S REPEAT THAT: Your last chance to have a say in Jalopnik's Forza download pack will come tomorrow at noon.

What The Heck Is This Golden Ticket Business? The Jalopnik commentariat is a prickly, opinionated bunch, and when the rest of the Internet came in and got all OMCrap FORD PROBE GUYZ in the polling, they rightfully asked a question: Whither the Jalop in the Forza JaloPack?


Because we love you people, we got crackin'. We burned the midnight oil at Castle J'nik, we called the fine folks at Turn 10 Studios, and we came up with a solution: The Commenter Golden Ticket. Basically, it's a way for voted-out Awesome Losers like the Volvo 242 Homologation to return to polling. Turn 10 evaluates what you say in the comments, takes a look at the post-midnight results, and brings five cars back from the dead for each poll. NOTE: If you're paying attention, you'll notice that there is only one poll left. This means that only five Golden Ticket cars remain. Those cars will be selected from the vehicles voted out on Monday and Tuesday. Make a case in the comments or suffer forever. Oh and yeah, you've still got to find a way to get people to vote for the car, k?

What You Can Do/How You Can Do It: You should know this by now: vote! Mask your IP address, call your friends, hack your way across the digital wilderness, anything. But do it. And for God's sake, help out the Ticket cars. They're back for a reason.


Happy voting!

Round Two, Group I


Round Two, Group II


Round Two, Group III

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