The Forza Horizon 2 Trailer Looks 'Damn Impressive'

Many of us enjoyed the original Forza Horizon open world racing game and are looking forward to Forza Horizon 2. The trailer is out and it looks even better than the original, if you think Rally Fighters racing Ram Runners is an improvement. We're even quoted in the trailer talking about rain!

So Microsoft asked us if they could use two words out of an article I wrote about Forza Horizon in an ad for the game. We agreed, because those two words, "damn impressive," do generally convey that I was impressed with what I saw. But I think you should have the full context.


Here's the full sentence those carefully-picked two words came from:

We didn't get all that much hands-on time with the game, but from what I saw, it's pretty damn impressive, especially if you're a fan of evaporation.

See, what I was really thinking about there were the "damn impressive" weather effects the game provides, with rain and fog and actual, real-world-based modeling of evaporation models on a variety of surfaces. It's amazing. As I go on to say in the review

If your goal is to find an impressive, console-based precipitation and puddle-generation simulator that also includes a bit of driving, Horizon 2 is your answer.


So, if you're watching this ad, and see that quote from us, you should be aware of a few things. First, I stand by it, and what I saw is very impressive indeed. What you should not read into it is anything relating to the gameplay or any part of the game in any depth. I had maybe 5 minutes of driving one car around one track, and that's it.

I know the ad makes it look like that's a blanket statement over everything, simply due to lack of any other information, so I thought I'd provide the full context: I was impressed with what I saw, visually, especially the weather effects.


The game may very well be fantastic to play as well, and if you can extrapolate the quality level for everything from what I saw in those few minutes, I'm sure it is. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I can only absolutely guarantee your satisfaction if you're looking for the best console-based water-evaporation simulation around.

I really wish they used more of my quote to reflect that, because that would have looked fantastic:

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Ratchet when he's all hopped up on synthetic energon

I don't care how pretty it is, I'm simply not interested in an open-world driving/racing game that doesn't provide risk in driving fast in public areas. Give me speed cameras that penalize me for driving over the limit, actual repercussions from colliding with NPCs, wildlife that tries to cross the road, and cops that will try to chase me when they see me doing something illegal. The fun is in the risk of getting caught and developing the skill to avoid it.