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The Ford SVT Raptor Destroys Sales Records Like It Destroys Roads

Illustration for article titled The Ford SVT Raptor Destroys Sales Records Like It Destroys Roads

Have you gone out and bought a new Ford SVT Raptor yet? No? Well, then you must be one of the only ones. Ford says that their latest über-truck is annihilating sales records so hard they've had to ramp up production like never before.


As Karl Henkel over at the Detroit News reports, Raptor sales are up 14 percent this year, causing Ford to increase production by a whopping 67 percent. They're now making five Raptors an hour at the Dearborn Truck Plant to keep up with demand that equates to sales of about 1,000 Raptors per month.

It's great to see the Raptor doing so well. As our own Zac Estrada noted earlier this year, the Raptor's 411 horsepower, 6.2-liter V8 and potent standard four-wheel drive will put a smile on anyone's face, even if they're not a hardcore truck person.


This success isn't just in the U.S., either — the Raptor is apparently a surprisingly big hit in China, according to Karl's story. The truck isn't sold there, but Chinese buyers are willing to pay up to four times the sticker to gray-import it.

That makes sense. If you were a newly-minted Chinese oligarch, would you rather have a stretched BMW 3-Series, a Buick, or one of these bad motherfuckers? U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Ever since this truck came out, it has been my dream-vehicle!!! I want one _SO_ bad, but the combination of high purchase price and _HORRIBLE_ fuel economy have steadied my hand. I am hoping the 2015 F-150 will drop some weight so they can lighten this truck up substantially. It weighs nearly 7000lbs (Super Crew) and that's stupid.

If Ford releases an updated version like the 2015 rendered below, and they put a 5L EcoBoost in it, then they will HAVE MY MONEY. I think the Raptor is amazing simply because it can go ANYWHERE. City? Country? Alaska? Desert? Yes.

I think Chevy/Dodge are idiots for not jumping on this already... it was originally estimated to be a niche market, but it turns out its not really. A LOT of people want real off-road capability in an everyday car. I for one will buy the next iteration.