The Ford Mustang Mach-E Just Outsold The Gas Mustang For The First Time Ever

Ford sold 2,465 Mustang Mach-Es in June and 2,240 gas Mustangs.

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Photo: Ford

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has only been out for less than a year now, but according to Ford’s June sales numbers it’s outselling Ford’s gas-powered Mustangs for the first time.

Ford said Friday that it sold 2,240 gas Mustangs and 2,465 Mustang Mach-Es in June, giving Mustang Mach-E the sales crown for now, though a lot of this likely has to do with the global chip shortage, which Ford has not been immune from. I say that because, for the year, gas Mustangs are still comfortably in the lead, Ford having sold 31,950 of them versus 12,975 Mustang Mach-Es, so I wouldn’t be surprised if, once Mustang production is at full tilt again, gas Mustangs come roaring back.

Still, this is somewhat of a milestone, in that, for all the consternation and skepticism in the Mustang community about Mustang Mach-E, it’d be hard to say at this juncture that it hasn’t been a success. Well, “success,” as 12,975 is not a big number if you compare it to cash cows like the F-Series, which Ford has sold 362,032 of so far this year.


Ford is excited the nonetheless, as it says that Mach-Es are basically selling right as they arrive at dealerships, though Mach-E is far from being the only car in that category given the low inventories almost everywhere.

Ford sales of electrified vehicles expanded 117 percent in June, capping off a new first-half sales record on sales of 56,570 vehicles. That’s a new all-time sales record driven by new products. Mustang Mach-E sales totaled 12,975 vehicles, while F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid added an additional 17,039 vehicles to the total. Escape Hybrid and Escape Plug-in Hybrid sales totaled 15,642 – up 45.9 percent over last year.


One new stat that I can’t quite get my head around is that Ford said its average transaction price is up to $47,800 in June, or $6,400 more than a year ago, which is what happens I guess when you discontinue every car except the Mustang. But, man, this is Ford we’re talking about, not a luxury automaker, how did we ever get in this deep?