The Ford Mustang GT350 Is Coming Back

It looks like the legendary trackday special Ford Mustang GT350 is coming back, and there's something interesting about the video Ford used to make the announcement.

It's a somewhat standard recipe to debut a performance car with a video of your company's performance accomplishments.


What's noteworthy is what's not featured; there's no drag racing.

Everything shown in the video is about going fast and loose, cornering not straightline speed. There's more attention to rallying than NASCAR, more time spent on Dakar racing and Trans Am, too. Drag racing doesn't even make the highlight reel.

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The point of that is that there's an implication the GT350 (note the key Shelby rocker panel font for the 11.17.14 debut date) isn't about the engine and nothing else; it's about handling.


The extremely aggressive-looking tires back that up, as does the big exhaust and what looks like a wing at the back.

Given the success of the Chevy Camaro Z/28 compared to the ZL1, things look pretty good for Ford's smaller foil to the burnouts-and-not-much-else GT500.


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The embed video is showing up as just a black box for me. I'm running Chrome and it's doing this on two separate computers in that browser. here's the embedded YT for those having the same issue.