The Ford Maverick Hybrid Is Already Sold Out

If you were hoping to get your hands on the coolest new truck, you may be waiting a bit longer

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The Ford Maverick is, unquestionably, one of the coolest trucks on sale today. It’s a reasonable size, a reasonable price, and can still do Truck Stuff. Its most interesting variant, however, was too good for this world, too pure: The hybrid Maverick is no longer available to order.

Maverick Chat, a forum that once again proves human subcultures are nested fractally, first spotted a dealer bulletin stating that orders for the hybrid Maverick “will not be selected for scheduling.” CarBuzz reached out to Ford on the matter, and heard back from Mark Levine: “That’s correct. Due to high demand, we are now fully reserved on Maverick Hybrid. Ordering will reopen next summer.”

Truck yeah
Truck yeah
Photo: Ford

While it’s disappointing Ford is pausing production on the hybrid Maverick, it’s also not unreasonable. Between high demand for the cheaper powertrain and an industry-spanning chip shortage, it’s likely Ford simply doesn’t have the capacity to keep up with orders. It’s one of the better problems a carmaker can have, but it’s still a problem: People who want your vehicle, but can’t buy it.

While Ford doesn’t face its standard Big Other Two competition for the Maverick, there are still predators circling to grab those unsold Maverick orders. The old standby Honda Ridgeline is newly updated, and the Hyundai Santa Cruz lurks around every corner and YouTube comparison. Ford may be hoping those hybrid Maverick buyers simply swap over to the turbo model, but that’s certainly not a sure bet for the Blue Oval.


Whatever buyers choose to do, both they and Ford will likely be happy. The current swath of compact unibody trucks is by all accounts a great selection to choose between. And for Ford, they’ll sell every single Maverick Hybrid they can build — music to any automaker’s ears.