The Ford GT Flat Out Drove Its Door Off To Win The 6 Hours Of Silverstone


The No. 67 Ford GT was one of a couple cars had issues keeping its doors shut on the bumps and curbs of Britain’s Silverstone Circuit early on at Sunday’s 6 Hours of Silverstone. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to affect driver Harry Tincknell at all when it popped back open in the final five minutes of the race.


Insane battles seem to be the norm in final moments of FIA World Endurance Championship races, when cars that have been trying to just make it to the end are let loose to battle for position. The No. 67 Ford GT was no different today, with a series of back and forth battles for the GTLM class lead with the No. 91 Porsche 911 RSR and the No. 51 Ferrari 488 GTE.

The Ford GT was the only one that had to seize the lead with a loose door, however, making its win all that more incredible. Loose doors can be mega-distracting.

Elsewhere, the end of the race was just as insane, if not more. No. 8 Toyota TS050 driver Sébastien Buemi passed the No. 2 Porsche 919 for the overall and LMP1 class win with only 12 minutes to go with this insane pass up the inside.

Toyota’s other Le Mans prototype, the No. 7 TS050, had spent a long time being reconstructed after a hard hit. However, it bounced back to pass ByKolles’ privateer LMP1 in distance run with five minutes to go, such that they weren’t dead last in the greater LMP1 group of Le Mans prototypes.


GTE-Am was also nuts until the very end, with this ridiculous No. 61 Clearwater Ferrari vs. No. 98 Aston Martin battle in the race’s last moments. Sadly, the No. 98 Aston collided with the the No. 54 Spirit of Race Ferrari on the final lap of the race, causing the No. 54 not to finish.


LMP2 was won by a team just launched for this year: Jackie Chan Racing. Yes, that Jackie Chan. They cruised home to their win in comparison to the other class winners, with 19.376 seconds separating them from the second-place car.

Still, none of those drivers had to deal with a door flopping around in their last laps. Tincknell drove the door off, and that alone makes it the craziest finish I’ve seen in ages.

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