The Ford Focus RS Has A Drift Mode

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The Ford Focus RS is a wonderful, wonderful thing — a 320 horsepower, AWD bruiser Escort Cosworth of a car. It is a hooligan's car, right down to the drift mode.

This little detail was finally officially confirmed today, with this little blurb about the 'drift setting.'

[The AWD system includes] a unique drift setting to help achieve controlled oversteer drifts in track conditions.


A further statement today from Ford is that the setting "allows controlled oversteer movements."

This sounds great, but what exactly is going on, in an electromechanical sense, is a bit of an unknown. Certainly we know the car can go all slidey-slidey, but the specifics are kind of cloudy. Are we talking about looser traction control? Are we talking about a more rearward power bias? Are we talking about the voice of Ken Block coming over the stereo system telling you to buy new Hoonigan-brand sweatshirts and tees?

We do not yet know.

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Hmm.. Having second thoughts about getting one of these when it hits the used market..