The Flight of Pegasus: The AVE Mizar

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Allegedly obsessed with flying cars, it seems like our latest obsession happens to be with turbocharged Pinto motors. So what if an ex-Northrop engineer grafted the wings and ass end of a Cessna Skymaster to a Ford Pinto and had the prototype painted by a hot van artist? Not 1973 enough for you yet? What if we told you that Southern California Ford megadealer Galpin was involved as the distributor? And that the project was on track until the wing assembly somehow came apart and sent inventor Henry Smolinski and pilot Harold Blake to their deaths. The Mizar, scheduled to go into production in 1974, never flew again. Needless to say, the incident was a major blow for detachable-wing flying-car technology.


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The Museum of Flight here in Seattle has a Moulton Aerocar on display. Same concept, but it was a lot more viable alternative. Several different models were built, and there was still one flying as late as 2006. They didn't use production cars as their base vehicle, however.

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