The First McLaren F1 Ever Built Is For Sale

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Are you a mortgage-backed securities broker looking for the next sure-fire win? Get out your someone's checkbook because the first production McLaren F1 is for sale and just $3,175,000 investment. It's like printing money!

Yes, it's the very first production McLaren F1, for sale, no foolin' here. At over $3 million it's a hell of an asking price, mainly because its value will undoubtedly only go up, and by large multiples over time (either because of its value or hyperinflation). This was the first car to go to sale following five prototypes and is currently owned by Gembella North America. Yes, that Gemballa.


In fifty years, when we're hunched over our Applesoft holoscreens complaining in the hyper forums about how kids these days don't appreciate internal combustion vehicles, we fully expect this sucker will be worth serious space bucks.