(Image Credits: Andrew Collins)

Heavy fog and an extra dark start time (thanks, daylight savings) seemed to keep the most extreme and expensive cars home last weekend, but it still made for a cool and eerie atmosphere.

I dragged my dad out of bed and made him truck all the way from the west side of Los Angeles to Malibu with me in my Scout just so I could realize a life-long fantasy of tailgating at Cars & Coffee.

The trip took extra long because fog turns my ancient and cracked and pitted windshield into a glowing, white, blank screen and my headlights are pointed every direction but straight.

The expedition was worth it, though. My camp stove omelets were awesome and nothing exploded.


Anyway, you can’t roll through C&C without snapping a few photos, so rather than let my camera roll rot in a folder on a forgotten hard drive, I figured y’all might want to enjoy them.


I think that roped-off area is reserved for celebs or seven-figure cars. Neither showed up this time. Oh well.
Another angle on that 2002 because whoa.


Malibu, not Wales. And what a rando lineup!


Even the overflow area got interesting!


Malibu Cars & Coffee goes down every other Sunday. If you’re cool enough not to show up without bringing bad music or burnouts, I’m sure you’ll be able to find where it’s at.

Sports cars are great but it’s easier to cook out the back of a truck.

If you ever see me there and ask real nice, I might even give you a Jalopnik sticker and fry you an egg.