In today's episode of Dubious Achievements, we examine the world's first white carbon wheels, as featured on the DMC Quattro Veloce Lamborghini Murcielago. Oxymorons and wheel fins go together like Italian supercars and cocaine and peanut butter and ladies.

Now lets examine this closely. To our knowledge, no one else has bothered to make white carbon fiber wheels or, to be precise, wheels with white carbon fins on them, so this claim may very well be correct. The single picture of these wheels isn't great, but they don't appear to be carbon fiber at all, but rather some metal alloy with non-structural carbon brake-cooling fins glued to them. That's not necessarily as ridiculous as it sounds, wheels shaped to direct cool air onto the brake discs do what they say on the tin relatively effectively (although not as effectively as a proper duct). Having said that, the ability to dye carbon fiber a variety of colors has been around for at least a decade, probably longer. So what we really have here is a $126,000 bodykit that includes these wheels that are unique only because no one's bothered to stick white carbon doo dads onto wheels before. If that achievement isn't dubious, well Ray Wert isn't the tallest Jewish editor of a major automotive blog in the New York metropolitan area. [via James List]